andrea gregori


Virtual reality is the natural evolution, the latest step of my research on materials, and the elaboration of photographic materials to obtain a new, almost tactile world, out of photographic images abstracted from their context. At the ground is the same idea that led me through all the other steps: starting from photographic abstraction to obtain a new kind of “materialization”. Music helps to produce an even more immersive experience.  3D videos have been an important step forward in this direction, followed by 360 degrees 3D videos. Virtual reality is the nowadays most advanced frontier, offering the possibility of feeling “being in” the art piece.  
From 3D prints and videos to virtual reality
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See here the web version of two of these apps, and some previews in the form of mixed reality, a kind of rendering in which the viewer is filmed while he is playing the app, and put into the virtual world he is experiencing.