andrea gregori


The Energy of Light
A monographic book in luxurious edition, that illustrates all the aspects of my artistic production, from 2000 to 2015. With a foreword by philosophy professor Ugo Perone. Bilingual edition: English and Italian texts.

Hard cover and 236 internal sides, printed on heavy paper, in full colours. Sides format: 30×30 cm (12×12 in). Weight: 2,4 Kg (5,29 lb).

Available as book alone or in edition together with a signed 21×30 cm (8.3×12 in) art print.

From Perone's foreword:

[...] Gregori‘s photographs [...] perform a little phenomenological miracle. They sink into reality; they don‘t perform any act of suspension or ‘putting in brackets’. Yet nevertheless, they essentially realise it. The images focus closely on fine detail, reproduced at a size completely unrelated to any sense of scale and proportion. The scraped walls of Berlin, or a piece of wood, for instance do not any longer have a world that surrounds them. The phenomenon appears in its nakedness. And in this way, it resolves and becomes, in the very etymological sense of the word, „ab-solute“. [...]

The artistic language of Gregori does not have the function of communicating any particular sense, but this does not mean it is devoid of meaning. Meanings, like colours, hold to themselves, and we might say this is their sense.
So one comes back, as the latest experimental works prove, to an absolute concentration on the thing, its particularity, to the point of wanting to restore and recreate its pluristratified essence through the use of specifically worked out materials and processes. One uses artifice (the infinitely larger that modifies proportions, through printing processes, or insertion of transparencies) in order to represent reality in a non-realistic way.
Art is transformation: it creates a world; it produces its own reality. As is the privilege of the human being, it does this not through a creative act that raises the world from nothing. The artist is not God. He bends toward the world, he picks it up with care, and takes out of it in some cases the entire world‘s history. In other cases - Gregori is among these - the artist unlocks its potential essence: a world which is realistic and fantastic at one and the same time. For this we must be thankful to him.

Ugo Perone,
Università del Piemonte Orientale, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin

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