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The clavichord is a keyboard instrument, whose sound is produced by touching the strings with metal tangents, fixed on the keys. By striking the string, the tangent divides it into two parts or lengths - one part is free to vibrate, while the other is damped by a piece of felt. A fretted clavichord is configured so that many of the strings correspond each one to two (or more) keys, and can produce two (or more) notes, although not at the same time. This allows saving strings and space, forbids on the other hand playing certain accords. When two keys corresponding to the same string are pressed at the same time, only the upper sound can be heard, and it produces a very peculiar effect.

My clavichord is the copy of a 17'th century fretted instrument.

Here are some pieces of music I recorded on my clavichord. Enjoy listening!
Antonio de Cabezon (1510-1566)
Diferencias sobre el canto llano del caballero
Rocco Rodio (ca. 1530-1615)
Ricercata IV
Ricercata V